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I have been reading such article as found on Mike Adams blog, NaturalNews.com/How to Build Your Financial Safety Net, and though I am not in favor of forwarding a “conspiracy” campaign, I’d like your input on such information.

a) Would you be interested in reading further articles on such topics as How to Build Your Financial Safety Net?

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Let me know! Here is the first part of the article:


How to Build Your Financial Safety Net
“(NaturalNews) In betrayal of 99% of the American taxpayers who opposed the pork-packed financial bailout bill of 2008, Congress passed the bill on Friday, October 3. President Bush signed it into law within minutes, and King Henry (Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary) went right to work using taxpayer dollars to start buying up bad banking debt that nobody else would touch.

Three days later, in response to the bailout plan, the stock market plummeted and financial institutions around the world were rocked in a dangerous credit crisis that brought the world “to the edge of the abyss,” as one prominent mainstream news journalist stated.

Although I strongly disagree with the use of taxpayer dollars to bail out rich, elite bankers who lost money making risky bets on outlandish financial instruments, I’ll leave that for another editorial. Today, I’m here to offer you strategies on how to make the most of the post-financial bailout economy and build your own financial safety net, even if things get worse in the global economy.

Here, I’ll share down-to-earth strategies on what you can do — starting right now — to protect your savings and actually grow your income, despite tough economic times.

To really understand why these strategies are so powerful in building your financial safety net, you’ll first need to acknowledge the two greatest risks now facing the U.S. financial system in the post-bailout era:

Risk #1: Hyperinflation

Every time the Fed creates more money to bail out another financial institution, it expands the money supply, diluting the value of any dollars you already hold. As more financial institutions fail (or corporations and even U.S. states), the Fed will likely be forced to create hundreds of billions of dollars in more money, sapping the spending power of your dollars and leading us into accelerated inflation. (I’ll show you how to insulate yourself from that risk in this special report.)

Risk #2: Sell off of U.S. debt

The other big risk is that international investors (central banks of other nations, primarily), will now see the U.S. as a hopeless debtor nation, and they will either stop buying U.S. debt, or they might even start selling off the U.S. debt they already hold.

On September 30, 2008, the U.S. debt reached an astonishing $10 trillion. It’s going up by $500 billion a year, and that’s even before considering the cost of the financial bailout. As of April, 2008, Japan held nearly $600 billion of U.S. debt, China held over $500 billion, and the U.K. held $250 billion. See the statistics for yourself at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United…

The risk is that Japan and China, in particular, could start selling off U.S. debt. If that occurred, it would make it more difficult for the U.S. to sell new debt. Specifically, the U.S. would either have to 1) Offer to pay higher interest rates to new debt buyers, or 2) Print more of its own money to cover expenditures or buy back its own debt, causing more inflation (see Risk #1, above).

Those are the two risks that could seriously threaten you if you don’t build a financial safety net first. They both really boil down to losing the value of the money you’re earning or saving. For example, your paycheck might stay the same each week, but you’ll find that you can buy fewer and fewer things with that paycheck (because the money is worth less).

So how do you build your financial safety net before global financial chaos threatens your economic livelihood? That’s what this special report reveals.

This report is easily worth $39, $79 or a lot more. I could have offered it for sale on the website and probably earned at least five figures selling it. But I’ve decided to make it available at no charge because of the extreme risk of financial harm now facing NaturalNews readers due to the crooks in Washington, at the Federal Reserve, and the legislators on Congress who have betrayed the American people. I do not want to see any harm come to NaturalNews readers, and I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

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Reference: How to Build Your Financial Safety Net

What do you think? Is there a potential situation about the 2 “risks” Mike Adams mentions: Risk #1: Hyperinflation and Risk #2: Sell off of U.S. debt?

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