“Change we can believe in” have been amended!

In the last US debt deal, “promisses” were made! In earlier posts, I already found articles and viewpoints that made those promisses look less promissing than originally stated. Well, here is a birthday present from President Obama, announced yesterday. His first policy “Yes we can” and his second policy “Change we can believe in” have been amended!

See an excerpt of a speech he gave at his Chicago fundraiser recently. It was reported in the site TheBlaze:

“You had to see this coming.

After Obama quipped earlier this summer that shovel-ready jobs weren’t as shovel-ready as “we expected,” it seemed that a central tenet of the 2012 campaign was probably going to be something along the lines of, we just haven’t had enough time. At his Chicago fundraiser last night, that’s exactly the stance he took, even going back to blaming George W. Bush:

Real Clear Politics has the transcript:

“It’s been a long, tough journey. But we have made some incredible strides together. Yes, we have. But the thing that we all ought to remember is that as much as good as we have done, precisely because the challenges were so daunting, precisely because we we were inheriting so many challenges, that we’re not even halfway there yet. When I said ‘change we can believe in’ I didn‘t say ’change we can believe in tomorrow.’ Not change we can believe in next week. We knew this was going to take time because we’ve got this big, messy, tough democracy,” President Obama said at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday night.”

I was under the impression that it meant “Change we can believe in NOW, DURING HIS PRESIDENTIAL TERM”!

Any more hope?

How To Devide America, How To Destroy A Nation

Here is an other too typical example of how to create dissention and destroy a nation, how to destroy America

A symbol is used to instill hate into a descent endheavor. Someone is erecting a museum in remembrence of some disaster and inhuman behavior. I am personally not in favor of doing anything to keep peopled keyed in and sad after some insane criminal destroyed some part of their life. I believe people should be made happy, interrested in life and actively creating it. There are sufficient occurrences created to bring people down and lethargic. But this is an other issue.

Here we have an example of someone creating a huge upset upon the use of a simbol. We have two situations here:
1) I say “someone” purposefully, as “reporting” (see article excert below) that “According to the American Atheists organization …” is an attempt to disturb good order and peace.

The “American Atheists” are a small group of extremists, may be only “one or two” individuals, who try to inflame spirits who are already so enturbulated that they will respond in a flash. (See comments after the article on the original site – TheBlaze). There are millions of atheists who are atheist in their heart, but who are not the type of biggots who try to make everybody else think like they do. Saying that the American Atheists have such idea is just not true and I believe that the Author Knows it!

Witch hunts have always existed, and the same high priests are behind them since ever. We need to learn to recognize them for what they are. A hint, they speak in generality about negative events or people. They don’t name names!

2) When someone says something like “the cross’ inclusion constitutes an “impermissible mingling of church and state”, he is twisting facts by generalising on some specific individual’s crimes – like the high priests as mentioned above – and saying that Church and State should be kept separate. Any sensible being knows that one cannot separate such entities as an absolute. We can keep criminal high priests out of the societies daily life (including politics and government) but we can not ask social and/or governing individuals to have no opinions, no faith, no feelings, no relationships, etc.
To start with, if such individual existed, he would be called a machine. And who would want to be represented by a machine at the State level?
Further, a similar individual as the one who said “the cross’ inclusion constitutes an “impermissible mingling of church and state” but belonging to an other extremist group coud condemn any symbol or anything resembling a symbol for being pro this or anti that.

So, my viewpoint on this, “hate mongers, people who generalise”, and such “individuals”, have evil suppressive intent, and we know how to recognize them from what they say and how they say it. And we will keep pointing out their efforts and bringing them to light, something they fair like vampires fair a cross!

What is you viewpoint? Please leave a comment and forward this article if you liked it.

Here is the exerpt of the article mentionned above:

Posted on August 1, 2011 at 12:46pm by Billy Hallowell Print »Email »

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Does a cross belong among the artifacts to be displayed at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum? The question, apparently, has become a point of contention.

At The Blaze reported last week, some — mainly atheists — say that a steel cross that was formed when the Twin Towers collapsed back in 2001 should not be included in a new museum intended to remember the lives lost during the tragic terror attack.

According to American Atheists (the same organization that coordinated July 4 plane banners in cities across the nation), the cross’ inclusion constitutes an “impermissible mingling of church and state.”

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Not Every One Is Dupe About The Debt Deal

An other viewpoint about the debt ceiling deal. Glenn Beck doesn’t hold his words commenting about the last pretense from our US Financial Management representatives.

Here is an article published on the site “TheBlaze”. Please read, forward and leave a comment.

Posted on August 1, 2011 at 10:07am by Glenn Beck
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Don’t be fooled. We’ve just been betrayed by Washington.

A deal on the debt ceiling is near and Washington still hasn’t gotten serious about the fundamentals. It hasn’t gotten serious about default. It certainly hasn’t gotten serious about the future. When Harry Reid hails a “bipartisan compromise” you know we’re doomed.

Republicans and Democrats have just negotiated away the future of our children behind closed doors. The big compromise on Capitol Hill features elaborate triggers, tranches, Hornswogglers, Snozzwangers, Super Duper Commissions that will make the Snozzberries taste like Snozeberries, and a whole bunch of other convoluted gibberish that will, no doubt, come with loopholes and create entire new bureaucracies. What it doesn’t do is fix the problem.

The fact is Moody’s has already warned us that no one has put a plan on the table that comes close to solving our long-term problem. Moody’s will downgrade us. This could happen tomorrow, in six months or maybe a year from now, but at some point in the near future it’s
going to happen. And it’s going to hurt. So we must be prepared.

Imagine your credit card’s interest rates constantly rising. Imagine high inflation eating away at your savings accounts, retirement funds and salary — if you’re lucky enough to have one these days. Imagine the interest rate on your mortgage rising and compounding until there was no hope of escaping debt. Imagine that fewer and fewer people are willing to lend you any money as your credit rating takes a dive.

Now imagine we’re talking about 15, 25, 100 trillion dollars and your Medicare, Social Security and Treasury bonds.

Those tanks and missiles Republicans say we need? No more. Those food stamps and green-energy boondoggles Democrats say we can’t live without? Forget it. We won’t be able to afford them. It won’t matter how many prime time speeches the president gives or how dangerous the
world gets. The unsustainable cost of irresponsible governance mean everyone loses.

And by everyone, I mean the whole world.

Remember the saying: as Greece goes so goes the world? The United States economy constitutes around 25 percent of the world’s GDP. What happens to global economy when we default? Everyone will feel it. After all, who’s going to send billions in weapons to Egypt’s military regime to help it quell the “democratic” Arab street when we can’t even pay the janitors at the IRS office space?

So what is the point of all the drama in Washington? As best as I can tell most politicians are scared stiff that they might have to have a substantive debate about the debt ceiling during the election season. Other than that, we’re back where we started.

For one, any promise of future cuts is as about as rock solid as a politician’s word. Experience has taught us every year some “unprecedented” emergency will require us to spend hundreds of
billions, if not trillions, we don’t have to “fix.” Mark my words, the war (I’m sorry … “kinetic military action”) that no one even understands in Libya will expand and then all the promises forgotten.

It’s true that seven or eight months ago Democrats were still saying we needed another stimulus package and calling for new spending. Now, we’re not just talking about whether to cut but about how much to cut. And it’s great news that Washington has made significant progress in moving the Balanced Budget Amendment — the only real and lasting solution to this crisis. Nevertheless, the fact remains that this deal raises the debt limit by about $2.5 trillion dollars without making substantial and immediate cuts.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz, in fact, explained that the first year of spending cut is $7 billion and when you consider that we deficit spend $4 billion a day, the real savings in the first year of this deal covers only two days of spending.

Promises mean nothing in Washington. We need genuine, transformational reform and real spending cuts today, not a strategic Republican victory. The time for political expediency is over.

Isn’t it curious that when Democrats wanted to push through a $1 trillion stimulus plan that enriched every social engineering project in the country they got it done? Isn’t it amazing that Democrats had the willpower to ram through health unpopular Obamacare which changed
our entire health care system without any compromise whatsoever?

Why can’t Republicans find a similar backbone? Why can’t they fight for the people who elected them? Are you telling me they can’t find significant waste and fraud in the Federal government right now?

The answer is simple.

You cannot spend more than you earn. You cannot run up the largest credit card bill in human history. You want more revenue? Stop chasing income earners overseas by threatening them with higher taxes, stop inflating their energy costs and stop punishing them with never-ending regulations. Mr President, put down your socialist mop! Stop with the Cloward and Piven floor wax.

And then balance the budget, cut back the spending and reform entitlements.”

Who agrees with Mr Beck about the last debt ceiling deal from our US Financial Management “team”?

the “Pro-Wrestling” Theatrics Of Election Season Begin

The Us Financial Management is a sinking ship. Republicans and Democrats are the product of war mongers and 3rd Party, and thinking they are “righter”, they rejoyce or get sad over petty wins in a battle that is hiding the progress of the actual war being fought.

If they would only realize they are American or even better, human, they would see what they are doing. If they took the viewpoint of their 7 year old grand kid, they would possibly stop lying, not only to the people they are expected to represent, but to themselves.

Micheal Mahoney has a very sane and simple viewpoint in his article “Spending cuts aren’t cutting it” see: http://wealthcycles.com/blog/2011/07/07/government-spending-is-the-same-from-clinton-era-to-obama”. Please read, comment and forward.

“As the “pro-wrestling” theatrics of election season begin to get underway, the show, or debate, will begin to revolve around Democrat versus Republican economics—the old battle of spendthrift versus skinflint. But when you take off the foam fingers and greasepaint, and actually look at the facts, you begin to realize that you are looking at slightly different versions of the same thing.

Larry Kudlow, of CNBC, puts it like this:

Think of it this way: You’re out car shopping and thinking about buying a $100,000 Mercedes. That’s your target. But then you decide to forego the Mercedes and opt for a $20,000 Chevy instead. Well, guess what? Congress would score that as an $80,000 budget cut. Huh? We all know that it’s actually a $20,000 budget increase.
Let’s be honest here. This budgetary game remains one big taxpayer scam. Look, I used to work in the federal budget office. I know the game.

What are your views on the above? What should happen to salvage our US Finiancial management and situation?

Is The US Financial Management Deceitful?

Is the US financial management deceitful? In an article called “The Debt Ceiling Deal From Hell
” found on the site The Economic Collapse, we find plain English clarifications about what the “debt ceiling deal” really is.

I am not surprised or shocked about the truth, as it was predictable. Somebody is working hard to execute his/her agenda. What is still shocking to me is with what “sincerity” the paid actors on Capitol Hill can explain what fantaisy their script tells them to say.

When I hear what “politicians” or “commentators” say on TV or other media, I always wonder if they actually believe what they say and how they can have been so well trained and blinded or if the money they are paid to say it is just sooooo good that they’d sell their soul and their mother’s soul for it.

Anyway, I digress! Here is an excerpt of the article for your consideration. Please comment and forward it to your friends and family. 🙂

“So what about the $917 billion in “immediate” spending cuts that the Republicans are getting as part of this deal?

Well, they aren’t really spending cuts at all. Rather, they are spending caps. Basically what is happening is that future spending increases are being cancelled and our politicians are selling that to us as “spending cuts”.

What is even sadder is that the $917 billion is spread over ten years and the vast majority of the “cuts” are in the latter years.

For example, even if you consider these to be “spending cuts” (which they are not), the deal calls for only about $25 billion in “cuts” in 2012 and only about $47 billion in “cuts” in 2013.

25 billion dollars is far less than one percent of the federal budget, so needless to say these “cuts” are not very impressive at all.

Okay, so how about the second stage of the deal which will produce “spending cuts” of between 1.2 and 1.5 trillion dollars?

Well, yes, these would actually be spending cuts and they would be spread over 10 years.

Near the end of the year, the new “Super Congress” (more on that in a minute) will submit a proposal to Congress which could cut spending over the next 10 years by a total of up to 1.5 trillion dollars.

If the recommendations of the “Super Congress” are not implemented, than “automatic” spending cuts of $1.2 trillion will go into effect over the next 10 years.

However, there are some very important things to remember about these “spending cuts”.

First of all, none of these “automatic” spending cuts would even go into effect until 2013. The face of American politics will be dramatically different by then, and there is absolutely nothing that makes these cuts binding on Congress.

As Gregg Easterbrook recently noted, Congress can cancel spending cuts at any time and for any reason….

By projecting the only tangible savings — which aren’t even specified, but are merely caps — into the future, the plan allows Congress to cancel them. In 2012 or any future year, Congress will say, “We can’t have caps this year because of the [INSERT ANY WORD CHOSEN AT RANDOM] crisis. We are postponing action till next year.” Rinse and repeat.

As I have written about so many times before, the U.S. national debt is completely and totally out of control. This was supposed to be the moment when at least some members of Congress were finally going to get serious about our exploding debt. Unfortunately, our politicians have sold us down the river once again.

Even if the best case scenario happens (which it never does) and Congress sticks to this deal for the full ten years (which is about as likely as hell freezing over), the “savings” that this deal would produce are quite pathetic as Peter Schiff recently explained….

The Congressional Budget Office currently projects that $9.5 trillion in new debt will have to be issued over the next 10 years. Even if all of the reductions proposed in the deal were to come to pass, which is highly unlikely, that would still leave $7.1 trillion in new debt accumulation by 2021. Our problems have not been solved by a long shot.

Keep in mind that Congress can change this deal whenever it wants.

So nobody should get excited about these “spending cuts”. After all, when was the last time that “future spending cuts” actually materialized in Washington?

The reality is that neither political party seems to want to do much to cut government spending.

So the band will play on and the can will get kicked even farther down the road.

When Obama was inaugurated, the U.S. national debt was $10,626,877,048,913.08.

Today, it is $14,342,358,440,969.10.”

So, what do you recommend we do?
However gross the US financial management is, it has not hit the fan yet! Things are just back to normal for 95% of the population after Aug 2nd! What can be done while we can?

Sincerely, JP

The Great Seed Robbery

In “The Great Seed Robbery” by Vandana Shiva, Published: Jul. 27, 2011, a very simple explanation is given as to why Genetically Modified Organisms – GMO – are destroying not only human health, but human fragile but sustainable ecology and societies.

I don’t know how reliable this number is, but if “200,000 farmers have committed suicide in India since corporate takeover of seed started as a result of globalization”, then I beleive these seeds as well as the Monsanto product Round-Up spread on them, should have a warning stating: “has been consistently leading to suicide”.

Please help spreading the information. It is not only happening “over there”, but right here at home too. We are just not being informed by the media about what we need to know. We are bombarded with useless fights and disagreements at court, financial and political levels fomented by hidden 3rd parties who carefully create a smoke screen around their criminal acts.

Please read this article about “the great seed robbery occuring all over our only planet. Let your friends and family become aware of what is really happening to them, and leave a comment with your known facts.

“The seed, the source of life, the embodiment of our biological and cultural diversity, the link between the past and the future of evolution, the common property of past, present and future generations of farming communities who have been seed breeders is today being stolen from the farmers and being sold back to us as “propriety” seed, owned by corporations like Monsanto.

Under pressure of the Prime Minister’s Office (which in turn is under the pressure of the White House because of signing the U.S–India Agriculture Agreement) the States are signing MOU’s with seed corporations to privatise our rich and diverse genetic heritage. The Government of Rajasthan has signed seven MOU’s with Monsanto, Advanta, DCM-Sriram, Kanchan Jyoti Agro Industries, PHI Seeds Pvt. Ltd, Krishidhan Seeds and J.K. Agri Genetics.

While what is being undertaken is a great seed robbery under the supervision of the State, it is being called PPP – Private Public Partnership.

The MOU with Monsanto focuses on Maize, Cotton, and vegetables (hot pepper, tomato, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, water melon). It will in effect hand over to Monsanto millennia of breeding by farmers. The State will subsidize Monsanto’s breeding. It will allow Monsanto’s propaganda to replace extension by promoting “awareness building activities under Monsanto’s “gurukulam” training package with recommended package of practices for Rajasthan”. The State infrastructure will thus function for promotional activities of the companies. The private companies seed distribution will be based on “seed supply and distribution arrangements involving leverage of extensive government – owned network”. Thus farmers’ varieties will be replaced by increasing “Seed Replacement Rate” – which in effect erases in one season million of years of evolution and thousands of years of farmers breeding. Instead of breeding and distributing public varieties, the state agriculture universities are acting against their public mandate and violating the public interst by facilitating the privatization of the seed supply. Brainwashing by Monsanto based on “guest lectures by Monsanto’s global experts and scientists” is being labeled as “knowledge transfer”. Selling hybrids and then GMOs is being subsidized by using public land for “Technology demonstration farms to showcase products technology and agronomic practices on land made available by the Government of Rajasthan”.

Besides the handing over of seed and land, “Monsanto will be helped in the establishment of infrastructure towards the fulfillment of the collaboration objectives specified above through access to relevant capital subsidy and other schemes of the Government of Rajasthan”.

While public resources will be made available to Monsanto as a subsidy, “Monsanto’s propriety tools, techniques, technology and knowhow and intellectual property rights with respect to the crops shall remain the property of Monsanto although utilized in any of the activities outlines as part of the MOU.”

This is clearly an MOU for privatization of our seed and genetic wealth, and a violation of farmers rights. The seed supply that the agriculture universities are handing over to Monsanto are not the property of the state, nor of Monsanto. They are the common property of farming communities.

While the Government of Rajasthan has signed seven MOU’s, in the final analysis it is the MNC’s who will control he seed by buying out local companies or locking them in licensing arrangements. This is precisely what happened in the cotton seed sector. 60 Indian seed companies have licensing arrangements with Monsanto which has the intellectual property on Bt. Cotton. In the final analysis, this is not an issue of technology, but of seed monopoly.

The Government has argued that these MOU’s will introduce hybrids in Rajasthan. However, “processes like hybridization are the technological means that stop seed from reproducing itself. This provides capital with an eminently effective way of circumventing natural constraints on the commodification of the seed. Hybrid varieties do not produce true-to-type seed, and farmers must return to the breeder each year for new seed stock.

To use Jack Kloppenburg’s description of the seed: it is both a means of production and a product. Whether they are tribespeople engaged in shifting cultivation of peasants practicing settled agriculture, in planting each year’s crop, farmers also reproduce the necessary element of their means of production. The seed thus presents capital with a simple biological obstacle: given the appropriate conditions, it reproduces itself and multiplies. Modern plant breeding has primarily been an attempt to remove this biological obstacle, and the biotechnologies are the latest tools for transforming what is simultaneously a means of production and a product into mere raw material.

The hybridization of seed was an invasion into the seed itself. As Kloppenburg has stated, it broke the unity of the seed as food grain and as a means of production. In doing so, it opened up the space for capital accumulation that private industry needed in order to control plant breeding and commercial seed production. And, it became the source of ecological disruption by transforming a self-regenerative process into a broken linear flow of supply of living seed as raw material and a reverse flow of seed commodities as products. The decoupling of seed from grain also changes the statues of seed.

The commodified seed is ecologically incomplete and ruptured at two levels: First, it does not reproduce itself, while by definition, seed is a regenerative resource. Genetic resources are thus, through technology, transformed from a renewable into a nonrenewable resource. Second, it does not produce by itself; it needs the help of other purchased inputs. And, as the seed and chemical companies merge, the dependence of inputs will increase. Whether a chemical is added externally or internally, it remains an external input in the ecological cycle of the reproduction of seed. It is this shift from ecological processes of production through regeneration to technological processes of nonregenerative production that underlies the dispossession of farmers and the drastic reduction of biological diversity in agriculture. It is at the root of the creation of poverty and of non-sustainability in agriculture.

Where technological means fail to prevent farmers from reproducing their own seed, legal regulations in the forms of intellectual property rights and patents are brought in. Patents are central to the colonization of plant regeneration, and like land titles, are based on the assumption of ownership and property. As the Vice President of Genentech has stated, “when you have a chance to write a clean slate, you can make some very basic claims, because the standard you are compared to is the state of prior art, and in biotechnology there just is not much.” Ownership and property claims are made on living resources, but prior custody and use of those resources by farmers is not the measure against which the patent is set. Rather, it is the intervention of technology that determines the claim to their exclusive use. The possession of this technology, then, becomes the reason for ownership by corporations, and for the simultaneous dispossession and disenfranchisement of farmers.

We need to only look at the cotton seed supply to see what corporations hijack of seed means. Monsanto’s now controls 95% of the cotton seed market. It controls 60 Indian seed companies through licensing arrangements. It pushed the price of seed from Rs. 7/kg to Rs. 3600/kg, with nearly half being royalty payments. It was extracting Rs. 1000 crore per annum as royalty from Indian farmers before Andhra Pradesh sued Monsanto in the MRTP commission. 200,000 farmers have committed suicide in India since corporate takeover of seed started as a result of globalization.

Rajasthan is an ecologically fragile area. Rajasthan farmers are already vulnerable. It is a crime to increase their vulnerability by allowing corporations to steal their genetic wealth and then sell them patented, genetically engineered seeds. We must defend seeds as our commons. We must protect the seeds of life from the seeds of suicide.

The future of the seed, the future of the food, the future of farmers lies in conservation of biodiversity of our seed. Contrary to the myth that we need to hand over our seed supply to corporations to increase food production, farmers varieities when used in agro-ecological systems have the potential to double food production in 10 years according to the U.N.

Navdanya’s research also shows that biodiversity based ecological agriculture produces more food than monocultures.

In the arid tract of Rajasthan farmers only take-up single crop not because of higher economic return but have no choice due to vagaries of nature. It is seen that the income derived from monocropping of pearl millet resulted in a net income of Rs. 3280. Of the total return that farmer achieved 60% was spending the inputs only. In contrast by adopting mixed farming system a total gain of Rs. 12,045 was recorded wherein the expenditure incurred was a mere 19%. A mixed cropping in the surveyed villages comprised of pearl millet, moth bean and sesame grown together in a unit of land. Further exploring the more common mixed farming wherein pearl millet is sown with mung bean. It has been observed that mixed farming system registered more returns (69%) as compared to mono-cropping system. The increased return in mixed cropping is attributed to lower occurrence of weed and reductions in pesticides due to judicious use of inter spaces. Also at times the supplementary crop commands a higher price than the staple crop. A similar study for mixed cropping was also undertaken wherein a comparison between monocrops of maize and mixed crops of maize, cowpea combined was studied. The results herein were in consonance with the findings of above two case studies. The maize, cowpea combined crop recorded 31% more returns than maize monocrops.

Seed sovereignty is the foundation of food sovereignty. Seed freedom is the foundation of food freedom.

The great seed robbery threatens both. That is why it must be stopped. ”

Source: http://www.zcommunications.org/the-great-seed-robbery-by-vandana-shiva