Welcome to my personal blog!

I wanted to give you a chance to discover who you are dealing with, a chance to contact me, and an idea of my world.

There are many subjects I have been interested in, and I found information I believe worth sharing.

I am pationate about solutions, about improving conditions in life for me, my loved ones and my friends. Most importantly, I love to make others happy, particularly make every one I know more happy.

I believe each one of us can get a little more happy, even if only temporarily. On a day to day basis, or on a minute to minute basis.

Therefore it will be one of my purpose for this blog, to provide here small bits to make you smile, make you dream, make you feel better.

But I believe as well that no one can be truly happy on a long term basis without becoming free of the barriers and engrams (lasting impressions one can be influenced by) he has accumulated along his journey through life. One day I wish you’ll travel through Terra Incognita, on an amazing adventure L. Ron Hubbard has mapped for us in his work Dianetics.

I believe that unless one is is financially free though, he has little chance to overcome his “time” and “money” barriers to afford taking his next steps toward Total Freedom. There are many levels of Freedom, but unless one has no attention on daily matters, such as food, shelter, bills paid and whatever other present time problems one can have, I  believe one has very little chance to reach these higher plateau. To start with, one has to be well fed, well rested and in present time to be able to study and discover new level of awareness. I am talking about having enough money!

So, this is an other purpose of mine with this blog, to provide you with solutions that will make it possible for you to be well fed, well rested and able to have your attention on things located further than a few inches from where you are! After all, if you are here reading this, I believe you expect more from life than being exclusively assigned as being your own nanny!

I love aesthetic, in the form of pictures, music or movies and from time to time, I’ll share my favorites.

And in passing, I am originally French and so you’ll notice from time to time that my grammar and my spelling are somewhat funny or unusual. Let’s call this poetic license. There is a concept of rightness in French that doesn’t allow wrongness! And, same as for my accent, after 18 years (in 2010) in the US, I consider such details a lost battle! So, love me or leave me!

I am very interested to read your comment and through them get to know you better. Let me and my friends find out about your own favorites, your discoveries, your valuable information.

I believe together, we can achieve more and faster than each of us individually.

So please join me in this adventure, and let’s have fun together, and let’s improve our conditions.

Please feel free to comment, to originate your ideas and demand solutions. This is the value of this blog. It’s our blog! Enjoy  🙂

With love, JP

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