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Opinion: The Destruction Of The Dollar Is Very Intentional

“Opinion: The Destruction Of The Dollar Is Very Intentional” is a very interesting analysis of what seems to be happening on our planet at this time. It was written by my friend Al on his blog at

Is the “destruction of the dollar” a conspiracy theory? Is it happening? Is there actually someone behind some obscur events only few free men and women on this planet have been observing?

Here is the article for your consideration. Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think about it:

“In politics,” wrote former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, “nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

If you take a look though the dizzying torrent of confusing and ‘made that way’ financial terms and actions in the news today, one thing will become clear.

The dollar is being destroyed.

Fed Chairman Big Ben is stalking a policy called QE – as in QE1 or QE2. QE stands for quantitative easing…

And that’s not the excess weight that gathers on your rear end as you take it easy too often. That’s quantitative expansion… not good either. Comes from partaking in too many distractive leisure activities.

Quantitative easing is high brow terminology for printing money in order to stimulate the economy. Or substituting with paper, the actual production and exchange factors that naturally regulate economies.

I will delve into the mechanics of this in book form soon, for the layman, but essentially, the game in my opinion is destruction of the dollar.

In November 21, 2002 Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke stated, “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost.”

That is the definition of inflation, plain and simple.

The mechanics of this game are complex, but the basic end result is that confidence in the dollar will collapse and the entire world will wince as the dollar is what the world trades with. It affects everyone.

Egypt may or may not realize it, but that’s why their food inflation has hit rebellious proportions. US inflationary policies affect the planet.

But, my point is that I somehow smell that this is very well planned. No one up front is saying this really from what I see, but my nose for prediction has a scent.

Or should I say, a foul odor, or more colloquially, the shit is going to hit the fan and the stench will be horrible.

It’s already been done in Europe – the consolidation of the many currencies into the Euro. Next is the consolidation of the currencies of North America (and maybe South as well) into one currency – the Amero.

The Amero is yet another strategic step on the road to fulfillment of the promise on our own dollar bill:

Novus Ordo Seclorum, just below the illuminated eye above the pyramid…

Translation, New World Order, or one government.

So what, you say, that could be a good thing, couldn’t it?  Y’know, global unity and all that…

I actually thought that when I was a teen. If you think it is, do your homework. Look who’s calling the shots.

Al @ Components of Success

What To Think Of Article “How To Build Your Financial Safety Net”

I have been reading such article as found on Mike Adams blog, to Build Your Financial Safety Net, and though I am not in favor of forwarding a “conspiracy” campaign, I’d like your input on such information.

a) Would you be interested in reading further articles on such topics as How to Build Your Financial Safety Net?

b) Do you know Mike Adams? Is he cool?

Let me know! Here is the first part of the article:


How to Build Your Financial Safety Net
“(NaturalNews) In betrayal of 99% of the American taxpayers who opposed the pork-packed financial bailout bill of 2008, Congress passed the bill on Friday, October 3. President Bush signed it into law within minutes, and King Henry (Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary) went right to work using taxpayer dollars to start buying up bad banking debt that nobody else would touch.

Three days later, in response to the bailout plan, the stock market plummeted and financial institutions around the world were rocked in a dangerous credit crisis that brought the world “to the edge of the abyss,” as one prominent mainstream news journalist stated.

Although I strongly disagree with the use of taxpayer dollars to bail out rich, elite bankers who lost money making risky bets on outlandish financial instruments, I’ll leave that for another editorial. Today, I’m here to offer you strategies on how to make the most of the post-financial bailout economy and build your own financial safety net, even if things get worse in the global economy.

Here, I’ll share down-to-earth strategies on what you can do — starting right now — to protect your savings and actually grow your income, despite tough economic times.

To really understand why these strategies are so powerful in building your financial safety net, you’ll first need to acknowledge the two greatest risks now facing the U.S. financial system in the post-bailout era:

Risk #1: Hyperinflation

Every time the Fed creates more money to bail out another financial institution, it expands the money supply, diluting the value of any dollars you already hold. As more financial institutions fail (or corporations and even U.S. states), the Fed will likely be forced to create hundreds of billions of dollars in more money, sapping the spending power of your dollars and leading us into accelerated inflation. (I’ll show you how to insulate yourself from that risk in this special report.)

Risk #2: Sell off of U.S. debt

The other big risk is that international investors (central banks of other nations, primarily), will now see the U.S. as a hopeless debtor nation, and they will either stop buying U.S. debt, or they might even start selling off the U.S. debt they already hold.

On September 30, 2008, the U.S. debt reached an astonishing $10 trillion. It’s going up by $500 billion a year, and that’s even before considering the cost of the financial bailout. As of April, 2008, Japan held nearly $600 billion of U.S. debt, China held over $500 billion, and the U.K. held $250 billion. See the statistics for yourself at…

The risk is that Japan and China, in particular, could start selling off U.S. debt. If that occurred, it would make it more difficult for the U.S. to sell new debt. Specifically, the U.S. would either have to 1) Offer to pay higher interest rates to new debt buyers, or 2) Print more of its own money to cover expenditures or buy back its own debt, causing more inflation (see Risk #1, above).

Those are the two risks that could seriously threaten you if you don’t build a financial safety net first. They both really boil down to losing the value of the money you’re earning or saving. For example, your paycheck might stay the same each week, but you’ll find that you can buy fewer and fewer things with that paycheck (because the money is worth less).

So how do you build your financial safety net before global financial chaos threatens your economic livelihood? That’s what this special report reveals.

This report is easily worth $39, $79 or a lot more. I could have offered it for sale on the website and probably earned at least five figures selling it. But I’ve decided to make it available at no charge because of the extreme risk of financial harm now facing NaturalNews readers due to the crooks in Washington, at the Federal Reserve, and the legislators on Congress who have betrayed the American people. I do not want to see any harm come to NaturalNews readers, and I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

Click the link below below, to continue reading…

Reference: How to Build Your Financial Safety Net

What do you think? Is there a potential situation about the 2 “risks” Mike Adams mentions: Risk #1: Hyperinflation and Risk #2: Sell off of U.S. debt?

Thanks for your comments


Save money!

There are many ways to save money. My favorite is LITERALLY!

Since a few weeks, I started to collect Silver coins, graded perfect silver coins, and each time I get a new one, I save it, meaning I save money!

Graded silver coins – American Silver Eagles MS70 (best grade) – have a value as a coin, about $20.00 per coin at the present value of silver and, as they are graded, they also have a collector value. Currently, for new coins, about $100.00

The cool aspect, is that my new savings increase in value through time. One, they become more and more rare and two, Silver as a currency is becoming more and more valuable due to the fact that paper money – Dollars, Euros, etc – are not backed by Gold or any other value, and so become less and less valuable as the days pass. So, instead of losing value in a bank – inflation runs much faster than bank interests – my money is preserved, and literally saved.

I don’t know about you, but in the last years, I never managed to save any money. It seemed that the bills were always bigger than my income. So I used a policy stating that money for reserve has to be taken off as a bill or the group will spend that money before it can be saved. It works! I now have these coins on auto-ship, meaning they are shipped to me every month, and so it is now a bill and I don’t have the choice but saving!

An other cool aspect, it is organized in such a way, that I get commissions when I convince others to save money like me. And so, I have a chance to save even more money by using these commissions to buy even more coins.

I don’t know about you, but just the idea of creating a cushion, a real saving that I am not going to spend immediately is a relief. The prospect of having to beg others to front money for me in case I could not earn what I need to live is not something I’d be proud of. And so, that is resolved too  🙂

In case you’d be interested to save real money too, go to

Let’s help each other!

To our savings  🙂

Meet JP Bersier!

Hi, JP Bersier here!


JP Bersier

Meet JP Bersier




Eventually, my personal blog is live!

I wanted to give you a chance to discover who you are dealing with, a chance to contact me, and an idea of my world.

There are many subjects I have been interested in, and I found information I believe being worth sharing.

I am pationate about solutions, about improving conditions in life for me, my loved ones and my friends.




What are JP Bersier’s key domain of interests and purposes?

I believe no one can be happy until he is financially free. There are many higher level of Freedom, but unless one has no attention on daily matters, such as food, shelter and bills paid, and so has reached financial freedom, I  believe one has very little chance to reach these higher plateau. To start with, one has to be well fed, well rested and in present time to be able to study and discover new level of awareness.

I believe I have a duty to learn and master higher levels of awareness and achieve higher levels of freedom. I believe in self improvement and higher plateaux of existence. I believe that who I am, what I do and what I have achieve to this day is much better that it could have been. But having stepped upward and being able to see where I come from, made me realize that it is nothing compared to where I could be, and where I intend to be.

I believe one can not be the adverse effect of what one controls. And to control something – start it, change it, and stop it – one has to know about it, know it’s components, it’s essence, drill and master its elements, and be willing to create effects using it. In the domain of financial freedom, it translates in knowing the concepts used while dealing with finances, having clear policies about these concepts, knowing the environment one is in – who are the main players and by what policies do they play their game – and execute a plan that will actually bring one to victory – financial freedom.

I believe that as an individual – me, JP Bersier – I can and will achieve Total Freedom, which includes and starts with Financial Freedom. However, I am aware that their won’t be any real freedom by and for myself alone. I am therefore forwarding the information I find along the road, so together we can really make it and create much bigger effects – having a fun game.


Who have been JP Bersier’s main mentors along the road?

I want to acknowledge a few individuals who have been instrumental throughout my life.

I will start with my parents. They gave me a fundamental education and understanding about the game of life, and forged in me a strong feeling of self determinism about the society I live in.

Then I have had the privilege to study in depth the teachings of L Ron Hubbard regarding the actual game of life and acquired practical and conceptual understanding of how to live and survive in a group, including the tools needed to improve my conditions in any group of any size.

Further, I have been fortunate to discover the readings of key individuals in our society who had a great insight about its present condition and orientation, such as Robert Kyiosaki, Mike Dillard, Mike Mahoney and a few others, and was able to overcome the feeling of helplessness and uselessness created by the media and those who pay for it. Knowing who does what is key to being able to stay on track toward Total Freedom.

And last, but not least, I have been fortunate to have my loving wife Cathy on my side. Love is still king! And also some true friends – Berndt Mottl, Al Baker, David Eastlee, to name some of the most important ones – without whom I would have been lost much more often than I have been.


What does JP Bersier likes?

I love aesthetic, in the form of pictures, music or movies and from time to time, I’ll share my favorite. See also my profile on Facebook for more details.

I’ll be very happy to read your comments, and share your own personal favorites, your discoveries, and other valuable information.

I believe together, we can achieve more and faster than each of us can individually.

So please join me in this adventure, and let’s have fun together, and let’s improve our conditions.

Please feel free to comment, to originate your ideas and demand solutions. This is the value of this blog. It’s our blog! Enjoy  🙂

With love, JP Bersier