Are we responsible for our debts?
As an individual, as a father, family member?
As a nation? As a government?

Tough questions!

Especialy tough when different standards are applyed at different levels by different entities.

Let’s say you have a credit card debt. You signed for the card, you get the “loan” or money and promised you’d pay it back with interest.

Now, it is obvious, you ARE “responsible”. You are expected to pay it back. Right?

But is your father expected to pay it back for you if you default?
Is your spouse expected to be responsible for your financial blind spot?
Is you son expected to pay it back if you don’t?

And what will happen if you or your “close” relation and or friends don’t honor that debt? Well, it depend where you are and how serious the power that be is about you being responsible or accountable for your debt. But pretty much anywhere it will be painful! Some will loose a hand, some will be jailed (which will then be paid by all inhabittant of that locale in form of taxes!!!). Some will be excuted with or without torture, some will have to pay back in terms of community work, some will get a loan with interest (which will then affect all the members of that family in terms of diminished purchasing power). But they all have in common Pain and discomfort.

OK, now an other scenario. Let’s consider the source of the debt. What was the money borrowed needed for and/or used for?

Was it to purchase a home to give a rough to an entire family? Was it to purchase some needed tools or equipment needed to keep the company successful and able to pay it’s employees and share holders? Or was it for drugs? For gambling at the races? To get someone killed?

Many possibilities, but all have this in common: the purchase was made known and agreed upon by all the “responsible” members of the group (responsible here meaning those individuals who will consider the debt as being theirs just as much as being the debt of the head of the family, gvt or group) or it was NOT! It was an approved purchase or it wasn’t. It was an avowed expense or a hidden expense. I was honest or it was not!

Let’s face it, if your spouse used the family credit card to pay for the service of a whore, how would you feel about being responsible for that purchase? How would you feel about your relationship with your spouse? How many more times would you pardon and take on the unauthorized expense?

How would you feel if your parent would cut your allocation and explained to you that the money was needed to pay for the credit card interests?

How would you feel if one of your kid had been jailed “unfairly” and the vacations moneies for the entire family had to be given to the judge for the bail?


We could argue that the more you love that “irresponsible” individual, the further you would bend. But what if it was a distant relative living in a different country and which you had never seen?
What if it was your Congressman? Your House Representative? Your President? The one you voted for or against? Or even the one your great grand father voted against?

How long would it last until you ask for such individual to be brought to justice?

And would you agree to pay for his stupid and/or criminal financial decisions? How much, how long would you agree to be “responsible” for his unaccceptable behavior?

Would you be responsible or wouldn’t you?

And a last question, how would you feel about the dealer who got him to become addicted? About the Credit Card agent who got your kid or boy-friend or favorite politician loaded with loans he won’t ever be able to pay back?

What would “justice” mean? And who would be responsible to make sure Justice was made?
(Don’t worry, I am not going to go there now! I also won’t ask you to answer to the question, “should we be allowed to bare weapons?”)

Looking for your views on that. And share the article if you like it. 🙂

Sincerely, JP

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