I recently wrote a review about a little book written by Beth Haworth called the “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”.

I wanted to let you my followers and friends know about it, as it is really a well written and extremely well documented report which, for $30 make it possible to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on each Disney World Vacations you may want to take. And she updates it all the time, (many times per months) so it will always be valuable.

My favorite of all her tips is how one can enjoy a week long 5 star vacations inside the Disney World resort for cheaper than the price of a 3 star stay in a regular hotel outside the Resort.

Next is how to have a meal with Cinderella! Not having this info before going to Walt Disney World, and you’d have to go again to enjoy it.

Anyway, I am very glad to be able to promote her ebook – 145 pages filled in with useful deals – and I thought to let you know about it. If you want to go directly to the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide site, here is a picture of its cover:


Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

Have fun, JP