the “Pro-Wrestling” Theatrics Of Election Season Begin

The Us Financial Management is a sinking ship. Republicans and Democrats are the product of war mongers and 3rd Party, and thinking they are “righter”, they rejoyce or get sad over petty wins in a battle that is hiding the progress of the actual war being fought.

If they would only realize they are American or even better, human, they would see what they are doing. If they took the viewpoint of their 7 year old grand kid, they would possibly stop lying, not only to the people they are expected to represent, but to themselves.

Micheal Mahoney has a very sane and simple viewpoint in his article “Spending cuts aren’t cutting it” see:”. Please read, comment and forward.

“As the “pro-wrestling” theatrics of election season begin to get underway, the show, or debate, will begin to revolve around Democrat versus Republican economics—the old battle of spendthrift versus skinflint. But when you take off the foam fingers and greasepaint, and actually look at the facts, you begin to realize that you are looking at slightly different versions of the same thing.

Larry Kudlow, of CNBC, puts it like this:

Think of it this way: You’re out car shopping and thinking about buying a $100,000 Mercedes. That’s your target. But then you decide to forego the Mercedes and opt for a $20,000 Chevy instead. Well, guess what? Congress would score that as an $80,000 budget cut. Huh? We all know that it’s actually a $20,000 budget increase.
Let’s be honest here. This budgetary game remains one big taxpayer scam. Look, I used to work in the federal budget office. I know the game.

What are your views on the above? What should happen to salvage our US Finiancial management and situation?