As read in USA TODAY, in articles on p.1A, 6A, 7A & 8A, after Mr Obama’s announcement:

1. (As noticed by Mr Matt Bennett, a veteran of the Clinton White House)
“Generally, the ends of wars are accompanied by a joyful swager and the beginning of wars are met with grim determination. Here you have the opposite. ”
While Mr “Bush announced the beginning of combat operations in Iraq in an unyielding, four-minute speech to the nation in March 2003, declaring ‘we will accept no outcome but victory”
“President Obama … didn’t claim but refrained from saying that the war had been “won”.
He further added: “those troops withdrawal will depend on ‘conditions on the Ground’ bit will begin next August.”

What did House Rep leader John Boehner of Ohio mean when he said (in same article), “Iraq will remain a target for those who hope to destroy freedom and democracy”?

2. The articles also mentioned, “Weapons of mass destruction, cited as the primary justification for the invasion, have never been found”.
However, according to these articles, America sent “150’000 troops to Iraq – 4400 were killed – and $1trillion was spent” to search! Mr Obama praising the US Tropps for their courage, “noted, ‘we don’t argue that we’ve got the finest fighting force in the history of the world”.
We acknowledge our troops for being well trained, well equiped and courageous to the extreme.
So, what happend? Did they go too early? Possibly! An article on page 6A has for title: “Iraq to spend $13bilion on US arms, equipment”. “Half the $13B in sales are finalized contracts, and the rest still in negotiation”. “In addition to the $13B purchase, the Iraquis have requested 18 F16 Falcon fighter jets as part of a $3B program that also includes aircraft training and maintenance”. “The first 10 pilots would be trained in the US”.
What will they do with such “democratic” tools?

3. Possibly more disturbing, after Obama said yesterday “We have met our responsibility, now it is time to turn the page”, an Ad on p5A, states:
“Democracy in Iraq?   Take Stock in the future – 1990 Kuwait

Before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, one Kuwaiti Dinar was valued at around $2.79 (USD). After Saddam invaded, the Kuwaiti Dinar was valued at 10 cents to the dollar. When the US led coalition removed Saddam, the Kuwaiti Dinar was purchased for pennies to the dollar. Today it takes $3.39 to get one Kuwaiti Dinar. Millionaires were made overnight.

… Unlike the Kuwaiti Dinar, the Iraqi Dinar has more assets behind it than the Kuwaiti Dinar.

IRAQ HAS THE 4RTH LARGEST OIL RESERVES IN THE WORLD.” Kuwait has the 6th largest oil reserves in the world. (Source

One oil company executive who wished to remain anonymous who purchased Dinars from us (First Liberty National) said, “IF YOU THINK THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS GOING TO LET THE 4RTH LAGEST OIL PRODUCING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THUGS AGAIN… GUESS AGAIN. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.”

…PREDICTIONS? As of now one Iraqi Dinar equals less than one penny. Three out of the top five oil reserve countries currency exchange rate is at least 27 cents or more. Iraq’s Dinar is not “officially” on the foreign exchange just yet. Today, 1 million Iraqi Dinars are sold for $1349. If the Iraqi Dinar increases to equal one US penny, 1M Iraqi Dinars will be worth $10,000 US Dollars. Better than that, if the Iraqi Dinar only appreciates to half of what the Kuwaiti Dinar trades, 1,000,000 Iraqi Dinars ($1349 today) would equal $1,690,000. US Dollars.”

While I consider such an “investment” too abject to even envision for myself, I know some people will buy Iraqi Dinars.

And this brings me to the ask myself the following questions:

a) In what currency the armament contracts mentioned above will be signed into?

b) How come we arm our enemy of yesterday to the teeth – while we believe possess arms of massive destruction? To what purpose?

c) where will these $13B (+$3B) weapons be build?

d) if they are built in the US, isn’t it the same names who built the weapons for our own troops for the 7 year Iraqi war – who will increase their Stimulus package by that much more? And if the construction of these weapons are outsourced, as is the case with most “american” products, what are we going to give in exchange for the actual products? More paper IOUs Dollars? Or are we gonna create a new program to get hard american workers get into more Credit Cards debts in order to purchase a new car – so the metal of their “old/3y.o.” metal junk can be shipped overseas as an actual currency?

What do you think?