Save money!

There are many ways to save money. My favorite is LITERALLY!

Since a few weeks, I started to collect Silver coins, graded perfect silver coins, and each time I get a new one, I save it, meaning I save money!

Graded silver coins – American Silver Eagles MS70 (best grade) – have a value as a coin, about $20.00 per coin at the present value of silver and, as they are graded, they also have a collector value. Currently, for new coins, about $100.00

The cool aspect, is that my new savings increase in value through time. One, they become more and more rare and two, Silver as a currency is becoming more and more valuable due to the fact that paper money – Dollars, Euros, etc – are not backed by Gold or any other value, and so become less and less valuable as the days pass. So, instead of losing value in a bank – inflation runs much faster than bank interests – my money is preserved, and literally saved.

I don’t know about you, but in the last years, I never managed to save any money. It seemed that the bills were always bigger than my income. So I used a policy stating that money for reserve has to be taken off as a bill or the group will spend that money before it can be saved. It works! I now have these coins on auto-ship, meaning they are shipped to me every month, and so it is now a bill and I don’t have the choice but saving!

An other cool aspect, it is organized in such a way, that I get commissions when I convince others to save money like me. And so, I have a chance to save even more money by using these commissions to buy even more coins.

I don’t know about you, but just the idea of creating a cushion, a real saving that I am not going to spend immediately is a relief. The prospect of having to beg others to front money for me in case I could not earn what I need to live is not something I’d be proud of. And so, that is resolved too  🙂

In case you’d be interested to save real money too, go to

Let’s help each other!

To our savings  🙂