How To Devide America, How To Destroy A Nation

Here is an other too typical example of how to create dissention and destroy a nation, how to destroy America

A symbol is used to instill hate into a descent endheavor. Someone is erecting a museum in remembrence of some disaster and inhuman behavior. I am personally not in favor of doing anything to keep peopled keyed in and sad after some insane criminal destroyed some part of their life. I believe people should be made happy, interrested in life and actively creating it. There are sufficient occurrences created to bring people down and lethargic. But this is an other issue.

Here we have an example of someone creating a huge upset upon the use of a simbol. We have two situations here:
1) I say “someone” purposefully, as “reporting” (see article excert below) that “According to the American Atheists organization …” is an attempt to disturb good order and peace.

The “American Atheists” are a small group of extremists, may be only “one or two” individuals, who try to inflame spirits who are already so enturbulated that they will respond in a flash. (See comments after the article on the original site – TheBlaze). There are millions of atheists who are atheist in their heart, but who are not the type of biggots who try to make everybody else think like they do. Saying that the American Atheists have such idea is just not true and I believe that the Author Knows it!

Witch hunts have always existed, and the same high priests are behind them since ever. We need to learn to recognize them for what they are. A hint, they speak in generality about negative events or people. They don’t name names!

2) When someone says something like “the cross’ inclusion constitutes an “impermissible mingling of church and state”, he is twisting facts by generalising on some specific individual’s crimes – like the high priests as mentioned above – and saying that Church and State should be kept separate. Any sensible being knows that one cannot separate such entities as an absolute. We can keep criminal high priests out of the societies daily life (including politics and government) but we can not ask social and/or governing individuals to have no opinions, no faith, no feelings, no relationships, etc.
To start with, if such individual existed, he would be called a machine. And who would want to be represented by a machine at the State level?
Further, a similar individual as the one who said “the cross’ inclusion constitutes an “impermissible mingling of church and state” but belonging to an other extremist group coud condemn any symbol or anything resembling a symbol for being pro this or anti that.

So, my viewpoint on this, “hate mongers, people who generalise”, and such “individuals”, have evil suppressive intent, and we know how to recognize them from what they say and how they say it. And we will keep pointing out their efforts and bringing them to light, something they fair like vampires fair a cross!

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Here is the exerpt of the article mentionned above:

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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Does a cross belong among the artifacts to be displayed at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum? The question, apparently, has become a point of contention.

At The Blaze reported last week, some — mainly atheists — say that a steel cross that was formed when the Twin Towers collapsed back in 2001 should not be included in a new museum intended to remember the lives lost during the tragic terror attack.

According to American Atheists (the same organization that coordinated July 4 plane banners in cities across the nation), the cross’ inclusion constitutes an “impermissible mingling of church and state.”

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